SEO Tools

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On Page SEO Checker

Get detailed Information about your Site and review your site with our best suggestions

Keyword List Multiplier

Use this Keyword List Multiplier tool to Multiply your Keywords for your Ad Campaigns and also you can use it as a Adwords Keyword Planner

Bulk URL checker

Look for URLs which is redirected or comes with error and download it all at easily with our bulk URL Checker

Link Spinner

Enter your URLs and Anchor texts get a complete list of every possible variation of text link and landing page.

RSS Feed Commander

 You can use format any valid RSS feed to display as they wish

CSV File Merger

Time spent copy and pasting can be tedious, and this tool let yiou merge multiple .csv files or .txt files into one downloadable file.

Structured Data Tool for Local Businesses

Easily generate structured data in a way Google understands, and add it to a website without affecting how it looks. This tool uses the JSON-LD type of structured data, which Google officially endorsed as a markup format in January, of 2015.